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Product Overview

Used as a pre-stain treatment of wooden surfaces to reduce blotchy areas in soft woods before staining. Sand wooden surface with 150 or 180 grit sandpaper. Apply by spray, brush or rag liberally over entire surface and remove excess by wiping with a cloth. Allow Seal & Stain Pre-Stain/Clear Stain Base to dry 15-30 minutes before applying any M530 or M545 stain color. Best results are achieved if the stain is applied within 12 hours. Used as a clear stain base with colorants to mix custom colors. Up to 20% by volume of Mohawk M500 or HUL 844 tint colorants may be added to Seal & Stain Pre-Stain/Clear Stain Base to create custom stain colors. Seal & Stain Pre-Stain/Clear Stain Base may also be added to any M530 or M545 wiping stain to reduce color intensity.